Mmm. Santa Meat.

Santa Meat



Paprika lyoner, one of those peculiar German delights that Canadians don’t seem to flock to, was very on sale at the deli recently.

Being me, I bought a package of it, and brought it home.


Me: Santa Meat.

Kid 1: Santa…meat?

Me: Yes. The reason there is no more Santa is because they ground him up into sausages. He was real, but now he’s a sandwich meat. Look at the red and green!

Kid 1: *makes face* 

Me: I’m going to put Santa Meat in your lunch tomorrow.

Kid 2: GROSS. EW!

Kid 1: *grabs slices, stuffs in her face* Om, nom, nom. Santa Meat is delicious! I can’t wait to take this to school!


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