Walking Winnipeg Wednesday – September 5, 2012


Every time I walk over the Sir John Franklin bridge, the graffiti is different. Today, a school of fish swam along the railroad side of the bridge, in a silent piscine blemish/tribute. I don’t much mind this sort of guerrilla art – it IS a form of art.

To quote the prolific fish artist, Ray Troll “Fish worship: is it wrong?”

What DO I hate is the fugly and absent minded scribbles of taggers, who deface everything with no value or beauty whatsoever. Move along, hoodlums. Image

On the opposite side of the bridge, looking towards Wellington Crescent, there are several small sand bar islands, which seem to serve as a sort of target practice range for the young and the restless to toss shopping carts onto from the bridge. Why this is appealing, I’ll never know. Every city has one or more place where folks enjoy hurling objects from on-high.

There are geese resting astride the island with the broken wood pillars. They have started their migratory voyage preparation, and can be heard in the evenings, honking as they move southwards for the winter.


It’s a lumpy cemetery!  Hurray for St. James!

I would like to call your attention to the marker on the centre left.



Not supposed to be playing here this year, folks.
And yet…
Here comes another Banjo Bowl weekend.

Go blue and gold.

Go choke on it, green people.


One more, since the old thing will be *gone next year.
In theory.

(*For non-Peggers: they are building a new stadium in the south of the city. It is not on schedule. This is supposed to be a TARGET retail store in the near future. Whee.)


3 thoughts on “Walking Winnipeg Wednesday – September 5, 2012

    • I know. I have assimilated into the Borg. I found myself burning with indignation the other day when Saskabush trounced the Bombers, and realized that the Manitoba software must have finished downloading. Exactly two years later. This is September #3 for us…

  1. And you have presented the PEG in a very inviting manner…I saw the grafitti on the bridge during a 2011 visit…the city certainly has blossomed. ..i dont mind the graffiti…if it is in good taste. Great town to roam around in.

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