About Citizen Sourpuss

Citizen Sourpuss is a consummate eye-roller and facial contortionist. She can usually be found mocking the sacred cows of suburban living, skewering pop culture or kvetching about the banality of being a mother/wife. She requires no audience and will often argue with herself…and win.

Sourpuss is a Canadian Supremacist, and believes that maple syrup, beavers, hockey, toques and socialized healthcare can cure the world of its problems.

Rumor has it that she answers to the name of Tia.


14 thoughts on “About Citizen Sourpuss

  1. At the risk of seeming pushy (it’s a bad habit ya pick up with my job) ’tis I, Robert Freeman, emailing you from the Wack, which you left with nary a word, not nuttin’, diddly, in fact, to let a body know where ya had got to!!
    No matter, along with being pushy, I also have a thick skin – and a thicker brain!!!
    Anyway, I decided to find you tonight and send you an email … just to let you know I had read your most recent blog … and DAMN I miss your stuff 🙂
    I laughed and laughed.
    And laughed some more.
    Nice touch, pal.
    You got a natural easy-readin’ style 🙂
    We never did do that story about the e-community … but no matter … I just hope wherever you go and whatever you do, you keep writing, in some form, some how, some way.
    You can count on me to be one loyal reader 🙂

    • Thanks, Freeman. I’m actually still in Chilliwack for another 2 weeks, but have been out of town for much of the last two months, trying to get housing squared away/visiting relatives etc. The remainder of my time will be spent recouping from surgery and then getting ready to move. It’s too bad we never connected for the interview etc. but it’s been a busy summer – I’m sure that things at the Progress have been interesting as well.

      Take care, and thanks for your ongoing readership and support!

  2. I left a comment at DinnerCraft, but I’m not sure it will be seen since it is not being updated, so here I go again.:)
    Hi, I’m Renata from Testado, Provado & Aprovado! blog (http://testadoprovadoeaprovado.blogspot.com/) and I’m writing an article on EDIBLE CONTAINERS for The Daring Kitchen (http://thedaringkitchen.com). In my research on the subject, I found your post (http://www.dinnercraft.com/2009/08/baked-egg-ham-cups/) and I would love to feature it in my article. May I please use your photo (The first photo of your post) and link back to your post? We always give full credit to the author and photo with a by-line & link.

    Thanks so much!

  3. Hello. Caught your foolish decision to follow me on Twitter. As an “I’m trying to learn from this Twitter s&#$” thing, I check everyone’s websites who does.

    I, too, first came here from British Columbia, although it was from the part that surrounded itself with deep water to keep those Others out.

    You will find cults and quirks that make it difficult to leave, and it will tempt you into really liking it. Everyone you meet will either assume you’ve always been from here, or they’ll ask what possessed you to move. There is no middle ground. Yet all the same, you will never *quite* adjust.


    And in December, pray for rain. Pray hard.

  4. OK fine, I fall off the earth for a few short months and BOOM you lop off your bewbs and move to flippin Winterpeg! WTF girl!

    Ah well, I hope you’re feeling 150% better and that you either fall in love with your new home, or get the hell back to the Wack ASAP…whichever happens first.

    You may be in the Peg; but yer still ours! So THERE Winnipeg! Back off! Get yer own Sourpuss!

    BTW… I love the blog baby!

  5. Hi there Tia,

    I produce a parenting segment on CBC Radio. I’m working on a story about parents fundraising, and I came across your blog entry. I would love to interview you about it. Could I give you a call? Please feel free to email me. Thank you very much, Michelle

  6. I am interested in talking to you about your surgery. I am 5’4 and a 30-32 H and I need these babies smallerized. Im in Chilliwack as well.

    • Sorry for the late reply! I was on hiatus for a while while I was working on a course. I’m no longer in Chilliwack, but if you’d like to connect via email I’m citizensourpuss@hotmail.com. Feel free to ask away! I did go to Abbotsford to have the procedure, as did one of my friends, who had hers done a few weeks after me last year. I’d be happy to share whatever you need to know.

  7. Oh, my goodness. I just read your article before and after your breast reduction! Thank you for posting this. I just had my consultation today and, fingers crossed, hopefully I’ll be approved. I’ve never had any kind of surgery in my life, so this was inspiring! Thank you! And it was HILARIOUS. Things are always easier to get down when they’re funny. 😀

    • That’s excellent, Sydney. I hope everything works out for you. It has been just over a year now, and I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my adult life. I actually wonder if I should have had MORE of a reduction, but that’s a story for another time. My quality of life and self-esteem has definitely improved over the past year, and yes, there was some discomfort for a few weeks, but not enough that I’m sitting here a year later lamenting it. All the best in 2012!!

  8. Great stuff! Mirrors my feelings after large dogs on steroids bolted from underbrush that concealed their presence wanting to taste
    the poodle puppy that my 5’2″ daughter was escorting to the water fountain. They ran from behind, thus creating a scene similar to what you described. Thank you for your honest effort. Now I want to join
    to create awareness that management of pets must be real.

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