Dude, Where’s My Ark?

Two weeks ago, I was kvetching bitterly about the never-ending winter that had engulfed Winnipeg, and the vast tracts of three-foot-high snow that were still suffocating my yard.

I went away for several days to Barbados on business.

I returned.

I was pleasantly shocked to see that the previously frozen wasteland had mutated into a mud-pit fit for military basic training activities, and that several of my neighbours were sporting spiffy new lakes in their low-lying properties. This makes MY property waterfront, which increases it’s value. Or something. (We can pretend.)

Somehow, thus far, (knock on wood, spit, toss salt over shoulder) we have avoided impromptu indoor swimming pools in our basement. The snow has retreated about 90% of the way, and the run off seems to be flowing onto the road instead of into my house. However, it seems to me, that the most prudent business decision I could make at this time, is taking up ark building.

This is what happens when you build a city on a massive flood-plain between THREE angry rivers…

Since I’m a snoop, and happened to be doing some work down at The Forks this afternoon, I thought it was prudent that I check out the flooding action on the Red River first hand:

Back in November, my daughter and I were sitting in here, in the snow, attending a Girl Guides bonfire/jamboree. Clearly that’s not in the picture for this piece of The Forks any time soon.

Those geese? Surfing while sleeping on an ice floe. Talented buggers.

You can see that the water level is rising up the shoreline, and creeping towards the shopping area above.

While I was gawking, the sand bagging crew arrived, and started tossing bags down into the circle. Please note that it had started to rain. It is now reaching torrential proportions about 8 hours later. I’m sure that this doesn’t help the water level OR the sandbagging effort.

This is the Assinaboine River. It was taken on Wellington Crescent, just a few meters away from the Rady Jewish Community Centre. Less than four or five days ago, this was ice covered. Now? It’s rising up towards the river banks on both the Wellington side and the St.James side (which we are staring at). We live in this area, but not close enough to the river to be terribly concerned.

The CBC tells me that the rivers are not expected to crest until May 2, 2011. Apparently, God is just as pissed off about the bogus federal election that’s slated to occur that day, and is going to hamper Liberal supporters any which way he can. GOD IS NOT A GRIT SUPPORTER, MICHAEL IGNATIEFF.

Until then, come hell or high water (ha, ha, ha), I will be in my garage/wading pool, refining my ark design.


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