Trend Watching: Everyone and Their Dog is Embracing Cannibalism

All of the cool kids are doing it.

Cannibalism. It’s not just for Manitobans, Jeffrey Dahlmer and various indigenous people of the South Pacific anymore.

No. Even celebrichef Rachel Ray enjoys a nice chianti and fava beans when she feasts on the fresh livers of her enemies.

Or family members for that matter.



That dog looks like mighty fine eats, but why not raise the bar? Reach for the stars? Eat the ones you love! Clearly the world is embracing it’s long forgotten love of a well-done long pork roast.

Mom and Pop: the other other white meat.

Surely we will soon see midnight screenings of Alive, where fans dress up like characters from the movie, and eat along with the tale, as they have been doing on a similar scale (sans homophagia) with cult classics like Sound of Music, Rocky Horror Picture Show and Fiddler on the Roof.

Hurry up and pass me that piece of ass, dear.


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