Niche Market: Manitoba Cannibals

Faster than you can say “Donner Party“, a host of Manitoba grocers have decided to tap into a typically underserved niche market: urban cannibals.

The proof is in the blood pudding: Sobeys and  Real Canadian Superstore both have the yumminess of long pork available to discerning consumers who know what they’re looking for, right in their butcher’s cooler:

Mmmm. Taking that game of Oregon Trail a little too seriously, Manitoba? Pioneer meat, in patty AND sausage. Cannibalism has never been more convenient!

Sometimes, when you have the thirst, nothing will do but a freshly squeezed glass of Ethnic Juice. I’m quite partial to tasting my way through the various tangy and zippy blends of Eastern Europe. Have you had your can of Roma today?


3 thoughts on “Niche Market: Manitoba Cannibals

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