Walking Winnipeg Wednesday 5.0

My trusty camera came on a ride-along with me this week, and I managed to snap a few Winnipeg shots for the blog.

If you could see through my eyes:


Newly decorated you say? I’m a huge fan of Early Ditchpig decor. Sign me up.


That’s right, folks. Every time you call this lawyer, you’re making a Bueti call.

Technotronic totally wrote about him about this in the late 80’s classic Pump Up the Jam. “Get your Bueti on the floor tonight. Make my day! “

The temptation to grab spray paint and scrawl “FINAL” in front of Voyage was difficult, I tell you.

One of the fascinating Ukranian Orthodox churches on Main Street, just past the Redwood Bridge.

Downtown Winnipeg lies on the other side of this inner city park, just beyond the snow covered Red River. It looks quiet and idyllic, but it’s anything but. Point Douglas is one of the roughest ‘hoods in Canada. Those orange fences? Much more sinister than just precautionary measures.

Closer look:

Under that frozen water, a little boy’s body. Which was stolen by the river on December 4th, never to be seen again.

That search was called off the day before I drove by the area. Earlier in January, it was a hive of ice-fishing shelters, search & rescue teams, divers dressed for braving the black, fast moving, zero visibility water below the surface.

My heart goes out to the family of the six year old, who, at this point, probably would like nothing more than to put their baby to rest. Nobody deserves the pain of not knowing if and when your child’s body will be returned by the river.



2 thoughts on “Walking Winnipeg Wednesday 5.0

    • It glows red too? That’s even more awesome. I’m also intrigued by some of the other funeral home names around town. Cropo? Really? Friends? Really?

      Alternatively, I’d like to spray paint BON in front of VOYAGE, because it too is truly fitting. And a testament to the area & it’s French roots.

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