Epic Fail: Our Government Enjoys Hanging Medically Fragile Children & Their Families Out to Dry

From time to time, Facebook provides me with more than a way to burn several hours aimlessly commenting on photos, self-promoting, over-sharing and creeping the Walls of former classmates. Tonight a status update of a home-town friend managed to generate fascinating and divergent discussion. What started as the topic of perversely high hydro bills became a comparison of hydro billing across the country, and mutated into discussion about the cruel and unusual Ontario practice of charging different rates for hydro depending on the time of day, and then further branched off into discussion about how this impacts the families of children who have high medical care needs. Not only did I learn a thing or two about exactly how negligent our government is when it comes to assisting families with medically fragile children, but I was angered and brought to tears by a blog post of one of the women I was interacting with in the thread. When I say that I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to have to spend every day on edge, perpetually in fight-or-flight mode, I say this as someone who has trained as a registered nurse, has recently dealt with a father in-law with long-term health challenges related to a stroke, and participated in respite care of my dying mother-in-law. I’m well versed in medical hoop jumping – but not the sheer stress of being left to virtually fall through the cracks because there isn’t sufficient support on any level. Allison shared a recent blog post on this subject with me tonight, and I’d like to share her experience and insight, because it’s thought provoking and emotionally stirring.

Aren’t you glad you have coverage? from Confessions of an Unintentional Sherpa blog.

It’s always heartwarming at Christmas to know that our government is burning money on helpful items like fake lakes, parties to promote prolific pork barrelling, and other such necessities. After all, who needs disabled people anyway? Sheesh.


2 thoughts on “Epic Fail: Our Government Enjoys Hanging Medically Fragile Children & Their Families Out to Dry

  1. I’ll just say again that I’m glad Prits doesn’t have any serious medical problems. The expenses we’ve incurred so far have been enough. I’m sure once we have a diagnosis they will skyrocket. But hey, at least she can feed herself as well as any toddler can and we don’t need a special bed for her.

    Taking the time to count one’s blessings is a worthwhile endeavour.

    • It is indeed a worthwhile endeavour. There but for the grace…
      That said, at any time, any one of us COULD end up in a situation where we are taking care of someone with a long-term medical need. All it takes is one accident, one illness, and our perfectly healthy children, spouses, selves are now in that boat too. I think it’s prudent to understand what other people have to navigate, and then advocate where one can. I very nearly ended up being the care-giver for my post-stroke, non-compliant, FIL. Just trying to sort out HIS care, his funding, his assets took a massive toll on our marriage.

      I’m hoping that everything goes well for Prits next month in Hamilton.

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