Walking Winnipeg Wednesday 4.0

The sun is still shining, and the weather is still balmy and warm! Thanksgiving has come and gone, and at one point over the weekend, we were trying to figure out why we put the summer clothing away. I saw children swimming in an outdoor pool, in Manitoba, in October, people. That is sick and wrong!!

This week, I’ve dug my rollerblades out of their storage box, and hit the ‘hood on wheels.

If you could see though my eyes:

You can never say that Winnipeg has a lack of public “art” installations. This one features colorful shoes flung over a wire on Wellington Crescent.

Shoes! Glorious shoes!

Diving duck under the bridge downtown…

More art under the bridge – zoo themed murals.

This really IS a zoo themed mural, of a different kind of zoo affection…

The Assinaboine River, looking towards the Asper Institute and Tuxedo.

Voyageurs? Doin’ the canoe on the Assinaboine on a sunny afternoon.

Me and the ever popular self portrait shot, while blading with the gigantic red double stroller.

This looks like something I would have hung in my locker in high school.

Proof that one person in Winnipeg supports Brad Gross. Huh. Who knew?



5 thoughts on “Walking Winnipeg Wednesday 4.0

  1. I read that lawn sign at first as “Voted for Brad Gosse”, which confused the hell out of me. Brad Gosse is an online business/SEO/etc. guy from Orangeville.

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