WWW: Walking Winnipeg Wednesday 3.0

Alleluia! The Peg has had another week of glorious weather! The longer the unrelenting cold stays away, the better.

This week on Walking Winnipeg Wednesday, we explored the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden, played in the elm leaves and sold Girl Guide Cookies on the front lawn!

If you could see through my eyes:

Statues such as this are seldom seen in public. For good reasons. I think the angry Old Testament God of yore used to destroy cities that made statues like this, fo’ sho’.

Ahhhh! Not the foot-worship bear orgy idol! Anything but the foot-worship bear orgy idol!

Def Leppard. Glass Tiger. White Lion. This topiary is one hair band away from glory. Floral Jaguar?

Foot bridge over the Assinaboine.

Behold! The Assinaboine River and the bridge over it.

Those are buildings. Yes.

Public art of mystery and awe. Or metal.

Nothing says autumn like rolling in the fall leaves! Or, if you’re my mother, this is where you shriek something about ticks leaping! Leaping!

Hot on the heels of the post I wrote for Politics Respun today about overkill fundraising in public schools, I sent my kid out to sell Girl Guides Cookies on the lawn. Parenting win, or parenting fail?


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