WWW: Walking Winnipeg Wednesday (Version 2.0)

…and what a Wednesday it has been! The weather has been gorgeous and warm in Winnipeg this week, and I could not imagine a better way to spend the last of the decent weather than traipsing around aimlessly in the sunshine. Golden leaves slowly cascade off the elm trees as you walk, gently swirled to the ground by the wind while being bathed in golden sunlight. Add a little bit of ground fog (not ground hog) and a whisper of wood smoke in the air, and you have the kind of autumnal magic that I spend the rest of the year dreaming about.

If you could see through my eyes on September 29th, 2010:

This little piece of protest *art* was spotted on a hydro box just outside River Heights School (a middle school for angsty 7th and 8th graders)

There is fungus among us.

This place is for the birds, man!

Leaf me alone, you pond scum!

Tune in to TLC on Wednesday nights for the new hit reality series “Deliverance: Winnipeg.”

You’re either a dog person, or a Katz person.

(Oh God. Does anyone remember the 80’s movie “Cat People?” Sam Katz boosters could remake it and post it on YouTube. “Katz People” would not be a hit with that many locals.)

Please Hammer, don’t hurt ’em!


14 thoughts on “WWW: Walking Winnipeg Wednesday (Version 2.0)

    • So far every bit of it has been within 4 blocks of my house, and taken while waking kids to school, except the Trump Towers Bird House, which was at Fort Whyte about 20 minutes south. In the future, it will be wherever the hell I happen to be on Wednesdays if I’m on foot.

  1. Social control? Social war? SOCIAL DISTORTION! *rocks out*

    That is some birdhouse. Dayum.

    I predict the next trend in stop sign pop-culture vandalism will be STOP – collaborate and listen. At least, it should be.

  2. Hey!! Thanks for the walk around your new Winnipeg hood. Great pix – especially the pond scum πŸ™‚ and the highrise for birds πŸ™‚ BTW, I am a subscriber to your blog now – it’s the ONLY one I subscribe to – well, except the “Immoral Minority” but that’s a whole different thing. Take Care. Write πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Freeman! I’m glad you enjoyed. I’ve been short on time and ideas for actual writing lately and the camera helps out tremendously. Also, it’s easier to convey ideas to people at home or far away if I can actually show them what I’m talking about. Thanks for subscribing!!

  3. You really have a knack for finding interesting photography subjects. Then again, maybe it’s just your picture-taking skills which are perfect at making the composition of the perfect picture. I happen to love your neighborhood! It looks like never a dull moment! πŸ™‚

    • Aw! Thank you! I’m trying to find places/things that are interesting/quirky/amusing/beautiful/perplexing/strange, so that I can share them, so I’m not alone in my amusement/horror/disgust/lust/appreciation.

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