Five Flavorful Friday Finds (FFFF): 09/20 – 09/24

This week’s five favourite flavors & findings, as decided by me:

#5 – Galarie au Chocolat fair trade chocolate bar in Fleur de Sel.

While I’m not a fan of chocolate, and will generally go as far as to say that I loathe it, I am occasionally willing to make an exception for a product that contains another item/flavor that I’m after. In this case, it was salted chocolate. Salt + sweet is always a winner in my books! Added bonus points for being Canadian made AND fair trade. To find the product in your area, check out Galarie Au Chocolat on the web. They also have an Earl Grey flavoured bar that sounds like it may be up my alley.

4) Speaking of salty and sweet, Starbucks has answered my prayers and brought back the Salted Carmel Hot Chocolate. I actually do not order the hot chocolate, but get the barista to liberally dump salt on top of my Caramel Machiatto, which then creates my very own frankenbeverage: Salted Caramel Machiatto. My friends and I refer to this drink as “Chocolate Salty Balls” which I contend is a gay porn movie title waiting to happen. I also understand that this is a South Park Reference, but prefer to think that I made it up myself.

3)  On Wednesday, my daughter and I infiltrated the mysterious (to us) The Greek Market on Corydon Street in River Heights. I was hoping it was going to be made of win, awesome and Grecian delights. I was not disappointed, and will surely be a frequent flier in short order. From fresh olive bread to lemony potatoes, Greek Evil Eye jewellery to gorgeous baklava cheese cake, The Greek Market is a one stop Medi-food wonderland in Winnipeg.

2) Only seconds away from my door is the beautiful tea emporium, Cornelia Bean. They have an infinite selection of beautiful teas, tea brewing equipment, and do-dads for tea fanatics. I could go broke hanging around this shop, and have to resist tossing the herbal teas on the floor and rolling around in them when I go in there. The best find I have made there this week has been the BrewT:

It’s a single cup tea brewing device, the Brewt steeps and filters loose tea, and then deposits it neatly in your cup, sans particles. I’m smitten, and would love to buy everyone I know one of these babies.

1) Aged White Canadian Cheddar & Caramelized Onions

I don’t know who makes this cheese, or where to acquire it, but I bought a wedge at Stephen and Andrews on Academy Road.  I melted it on a fresh baguette, and angels sang in my mouth. God wept. It was that good. Caramelized onions mated with stinky, crumbly cheddar? Perfection.


5 thoughts on “Five Flavorful Friday Finds (FFFF): 09/20 – 09/24

  1. Hmmm, caramelized onions seem to be the in-thing these days.

    Have you, by chance, tried the Smoked Gouda and Caramelized Onion kettle chips yet? I bought a bag, expecting the worst, but they’re surprisingly good.


    • Yes, I’ve noticed caramelized onions are everywhere. They’re like the chipotle of 2010! Have not tried the Smoked Gouda & Caramelized Onion chips yet, but will keep my eyes open for them. Not a fan of overly fake cheese chips, but they sound intriguing. I spotted, of all things, Lobster flavored kettle chips by Covered Bridge at Steven & Andrews the other day. Was not brave enough to try….

  2. Great yummies to share! I’ve wanted to try the salty chocolate and also the bacon flavored chocolate but I don’t need to seek out extra calories, they seek me out. 🙂 My mom never liked chocolate but she eats it now on occasion. I think it helped for her to be told chocolate is good for you. Ha.I could weep just thinking about that cheese! Lord have mercy it sounds good. Those potatoes look tasty too. Now to go get my appetite under control before dinner!

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