WWW: Walking Winnipeg Wednesday

Life has been a whirlwind these last few weeks: settling into a new city, new home, new routines. I’ve had little time for writing, and even less time for actual thought processes that mature beyond the primal: eat, sleep, fight, flight, eat.

Now that the contractors have finished up their work in my house, and my children are (more or less) solidly into a schedule again, I was actually able to rub two brain cells together to generate a single coherent thought this morning. *GASP*

…and so it came to pass that I ended up walking around the neighborhood in the drizzle with my younger child, snapping random photos of Winnipegdom.

If you could see through my eyes:

The Invisible Man enjoys his Wednesday morning tea on the front lawn.

Winnipeg is gearing up for an important civic election next month. Lawn signs, like mushrooms, have started to appear with the cooler weather. Also like mushrooms, full of shit.

Where the Wild Woody Winnipeg Whatsits Were on Wednesday….

Ukrainian Christski turns water into sour cream instead of wine! Miracle!

I know there are ‘Peggers reading this right now. What IS this? Is this how one toboggans on flat land??

This former elm tree has grown in and around the chain link fence, seemingly consuming it.

Natasha investigates the source of the puddle that is about to eat Corydon/Ash.

Superfluous capitalization on signage. Also, do I really want Moments with You?


12 thoughts on “WWW: Walking Winnipeg Wednesday

    • I’m still out of sorts and feeling slightly shell shocked. Winnipeg is an entirely different kettle of fish. I miss Chilliwack terribly, but I’m sure Winnipeg will grow on me. There are fantastic things here – I’m just not adjusted yet. It’s cold and rainy here, so it’s not that different than BC!

  1. For $90 a head I damn well better get more than a bottle of wine for every five people, especially if I’m going to have to sit through Ukranian Catholic humour.

    Also? That font should be put to death.

  2. Thanks for the peek into your neighborhood! It doesn’t look that different from the Chicago area. I love seeing where and how others live. It’s normal to miss where you used to live and how comfortable you were with everything. Give it more time and you will really be able to call Winnipeg home. 🙂

    • I would imagine that it would be fairly similar to Chicago, although Minnesota/Wisconson are a tad closer geographically. Despite my mother being from Des Plaines, I haven’t actually been out and about in Chicago beyond O’Hare. One of these days!!

  3. “I know there are ‘Peggers reading this right now. What IS this? Is this how one toboggans on flat land??”

    Uh, clearly those are magical stilts that rise along with the level of snow rising.

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