…and freedom tastes of reality?

Something remarkable happened to me this morning.

Both of my children (yes, both) are at schoool.

All morning.

I have an entire 2.5 hours to myself, uninterrupted (with the possible exception of having to let contractors in to finish their work or answer the phone.)

For the first time in my 5.5 year parenting career, I’m free.


I dropped the Big Kid off at the elementary school first, and then deposited The Baby at preschool.

Then, I hit the back alley behind the preschool and broke out in jubilant song and dance.

In fact, Roger Daltrey has offered to participate in the dramatic re-enactment of what I did when I dropped The Baby off and walked out childless:

Yes, I ran over lava and walked on water.

It was THAT good.


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