British Columbia Government Says What?

A while back, I took my kids to the Sardis Family Place to swap germs with other short people while I slept standing up holding a cup of coffee.

The facilitator zeroed in on me right away, since I was not a frequent flier at the Family Place, and proceeded to fob off a packet of Chilliwack/Sardis related children’s resource material. She also handed me a book produced by the British Columbia Government, which extrapolated on how to play edumacational games with your 0 – 5 year old child. Disappointingly, the book did not list “Explaining the subtle nuances of The Family Guy to your 3 year old” or “Have your child assist you in making a Michael Ignatieff voodoo doll” as age appropriate developmental parent-tot activities.

What they did have was this fun and helpful activity:

That’s right folks. The BC Government wants you to make sure you teach your kids how to give a good, strong punt to the testicles of XY chromosome riddled people. So as not to be ageist/racist/sizeist, they encourage us to deliver the swift kick to balls both BIG and SMALL.

I love it when my tax dollars are well spent on helping the future leaders of tomorrow learn to boot at the nards of authority.


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