Hungry Like the (Human!)Wolf

This fantastic FAIL of a post card was spotted by my mother at the House of Sim-oi-Ghets in Kitsumkalum earlier this afternoon:

Awww! Hot wolves in love!

But that’s not what makes this postcard awesome.


It’s what’s on the back!  (Click to enlarge)

Whaaaaat? What did I just read?

What in the name of all that is holy is a “human wolf!”? Am I missing something? This postcard was made a little too long ago to be a Team Jacob booster. As far as I know, Twilight and it’s plethora of corny spin-offs were not filmed in the Terrace area in the 90’s. Also, what’s going on with the superfluous ! after human wolves? Are we supposed to read that with extra enthusiasm? Click our tounges like African tribesmen?

Baffled and amused = me.


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