..and I Dub Thee Sir Vulcan the Dorgi

Queen Lizzy has been stomping around Ontario this week, spending time gazing at Stevie Harper’s sweater-vest collection, and contemplating why Mikey Ignatieff hasn’t threaded his eye-brow (singular) lately.

I got to thinking about Her Majesty, and her proclivity towards collecting Corgi dogs. If I were the Queen, and I were naming my dogs, would I:

  • Roll with serious human monikers like “Nigel” and “Bosworth”?
  • Exercise my closeted desire to name things frivolously and go with names like “Bonkers” and “Schnooki” ?
  • Be unabashedly pedestrian, and just call them “Brownie” “Blackie” and “Spot” ?
  • Just call out “Hey! You! Dog! Come!” and hope for the best?

As it happens, the Queen currently has seven Corgi/Corgi cross canines (she also has Cocker Spaniels and breeds gun-dogs, but we’ll focus on the Corgi fetish.) 4 of them are Corgis. 3 of them are “Dorgis” (which, I’m told, is a Dachshund crossed with a Corgi.)

And their names? Drumroll please….


  • Linnet
  • Monty
  • Willow
  • Holly


  • Cider
  • Candy
  • Vulcan

Vulcan? I wouldn’t have called that one.

When asked how the short legged Doxies managed to mate with the larger Corgis, the Queen matter-of-factly stated:

Oh, it’s quite simple. We have a little brick.”

Did she say the same thing when Charles rolled the hay bale up to Camilla? Yuk, yuk.

I can’t help but wonder if our beloved monarch dragged some/all of her canine menagerie  with her on the visit, or if they were left to piddle on furniture back at Buckingham Place?


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