Marketing 101: Diversify Your Customer Base

Lets say that you are in the business of selling buckets.

Back in the day, everyone in town wanted one of your fine buckets.

Children, wine makers, hog sloppers, hoarders.  Your buckets were in homes across the municipality, and were in demand.

Then, your undoing…

Dollar Utopia moves in to that empty store that used to be Cletus’s VHS Barn.

After stealing 75% of your market-share with their cheaply made, offshore procured buckets, you’re desperate to get into new markets where people appreciate quality and workmanship.

After much deliberation and research, you invest your hard earned advertising dollars into some signage, and display it prominently in the middle of town*:

By gum! The much neglected psycho-killer/dismemberment market! That’s the ticket! Just wait until the end of Q4 and the balance sheets reflect this adjustment in marketing!

*Should you be in the market for some quality buckets for your body parts storage/transport needs, these good folks can be found in Armstrong, BC.  Don’t forget to set a spell next time you’re passing through Vernon, y’all.


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