Funeral Homes: The New French Bistro

God, I just HATE it when I’m digging into a fresh, tasty corpse and the funeral home hits me with a hidden cost! It makes eating out so unaffordable!


4 thoughts on “Funeral Homes: The New French Bistro

  1. Maybe Wheeler’s Funeral Home knows something about dining out in Winnipeg the rest of us don’t!!

    Good eye!!

    • Oddly enough, I’m familiar with several restaurants around BC that used to be Funeral Homes at one point in their history. There was a place in Prince George called Big Mamma’s Pizza which was conveniently located inside of a former funeral home. I remember going there to eat and being terrified that they were cooking up my food in the crematory (bear in mind, I was 10 at the time) next to some flakes of corpse that nobody scraped off the grill.

      That said, the random placing of an ad for a funeral home (of which there are an astounding number in Winnipeg) amongst the pizza and Chinese food ads was bizarre. Error? Random placement? Interesting advertising psychology experiment, whereby exposure to Wheelers is higher than other funeral homes because it’s placed in the take out section that everyone uses? Either way, it made me laugh.

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