The Richmond Review Gets Sourpuss’d

Today was a very exciting day for the ol’ Sourpuss.

I’m generally not a glowing, smiling, bounce-off -the- walls sort of person (I tend to glower, sneer and slink) but I could not help myself today.

This is why:

It has been 16 years since I last wrote anything for a print publication. I spent a heady summer freelancing as a reporter/photographer for Kitimat’s Northern Sentinel Press before I went off to college. Days were consumed while running to and fro from local track & field meets to Canada Day festivities. I was perpetually lugging a huge Pentax K2 camera and bundles of Sentinel issued black and white film (digital cameras were unheard of then) with me everywhere I went. Despite a childhood desire to go into journalism, I made a decision to put thedream on the shelf, and pursued an entirely different avenue of education and career. I let writing wither and die completely. I convinced myself it wasn’t important to me.

Seeing my name and my work in ink, 16  years later is almost a redemption. A resurrection of broken dreams and hopes cast aside for practicality.

I’m giddy, I’m weepy, I’m thrilled and I’m thankful.

I appreciate the opportunity to write for the always amazing Richmond Review. I simply cannot thank Bhreandain Clugston (the Editor of The Review) enough for the thrill and honour of being a part of the Best of Richmond 2010 publication. His unexpected tap on the shoulder and invitation to submit a guest column blew my mind. Thank you, sir!

To read my column without squinting at a .jpeg of a .pdf file, you can view it online on the Richmond Review website, here.

Special thanks to several notable people whose kind words and feedback have encouraged me to keep writing. They remind me that people actually read my work, and get a good chuckle from it.

Glen Slingerland at FM 89.5 The Hawk

Malcolm Bedell at Dinnercraft/ Dropped In/ Cement & Sunshine

Rob Freeman at the Chilliwack Progress

Merci beaucoup, mes amis!


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