Heaven Isn’t Too Far Away: The Farm House

Lord, have mercy on my gall bladder, for I hath consumed my weight in local artisan cheese this week.

Possessed, I cannot stop putting the majestic goodness in my mouth at every possible opportunity.

For it is now bordering on obsession – a hot and gluttonous lust! I have been led into temptation, and I like it.

Yea, the temptress cheese purveyor, The Farm House Natural Cheeses has stolen my willpower. I have discovered heaven!

Oh breaking diet! Where is your sting?

Innocently, my children, mother and I stopped by to pick up some unspecified cheese for the pizza we were planning that night. What we came home with was so much more….

First, there was the gelato. There was sorbet!  Oh, delicious icy sin! My daughters feasted on raspberry sorbet, my mother on the pistachio, and I upon the kiwi. The kiwi sorbet was tangy and tart – a pleasant change from overly sweet ice cream.

For the pizza, we selected a large wedge of  gruyere – so very salty, nutty, earthy. We also chose a wedge of gouda – salty sweet, caramelesqe, and slightly gritty. Both varieties were made on-site, from the milk of cows that were outside grazing in the fields while we were there. Grated and spread on our pizza, melted and slightly crisped, they fused together to create an otherworldly taste sensation. This was NOT your grocery store variety of cheese. It was potent and tangy, belying it’s freshness. I wept when I realized it was used up.

I also treated myself to a ball of zippy, creamy, raw milk-goat cheese, rolled in hunks of garlic and dotted with freckles of roasted red pepper. This was quite possibly the most magical thing I have ever put in my mouth to date. Spread over crackers and French bread, it made my eyes roll back, my toes curl, and a full-on mouthgasm rocked my foodie world. Oh yes! Yes! Yes! More! More!

Do not miss out on this gem of a Fraser Valley shopping experience, friend. Hie yourself to Agassiz immediately, and get some for yourself. Life is too short to live without cheese salvation, and you can find it if you head over towards Harrison Hotsprings, and hang a left on McCallum Road! You cannot miss the temple of cheese, for it is situated in a red building – with plenty of parking –  not far from the Harrison golf course. My daughters were awed by the large and very friendly horses that wandered up to us, asking to be handfed grass. An orange barn cat rubbed itself against our legs. A solitary donkey kept sentry over the site. Cows roamed the vividly green pastoral fields beyond the red barns. The store is chock full of cheese, all made on site by a master cheese maker. From fresh curds (white and orange) for your poutine, to goat cheese buttons dressed in herbs and violets – there is something for every level of cheese lover. There is a selection of gelato on site, as well as all the fixins’ and accessories needed to have a world-class cheese experience.

The Farm House is part of the glorious Agassiz-Harrison Mills Circle Farm Tour, and is one of many area attractions that opens their doors to guests who enjoy food tours, supporting local business, or want a one-of-a-kind field-to-fork experience. Much like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s sci-fi alter-ego,The Terminator…I’ll be back!

Tell me where I can find this bastion of goodness, Sourpuss?

Phone: (1) 604-796-8741

Web: http://www.farmhousecheeses.com/contact_us.shtml

Email: info@farmhousecheeses.com

Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10am-5pm/ Sundays: 1pm-5pm.

Physical addy: 5634 McCallum Road, Agassiz, British Columbia, Canada, V0M 1A1



Nerdity: Why yes! The title IS a Warrant reference, astute reader.


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