Happy Mother’s Day, Old Friend.

The first person in my  circle of childhood friends to celebrate Mother’s Day, was my friend Jaime.

Only a month shy of  her graduation in May of 1995, she gave birth to a beautiful little girl. Jessika was a baby made of sunshine and roses, and she was the only child belonging to any of my friends for many, many years. I learned a lot about the blessings and hardships of single parenting watching Jaime and Jess. Now a parent myself, I am still in awe of the sacrifice and perseverance that my Jaime has had to maintain, for what is now verging on a lifetime.

15 years ago, I shot this photo of Jaime and Jessika for the Northern Sentinel Press, where I was freelancing. It was, for my 17 year old self, a crowning accomplishment to have my photos on the front page of a newspaper, and to be able to honour my friend and her baby with a scrap-book worthy treasure. I still have it today, sitting in a glossy sleeve of  my now aborted journalism portfolio.

This month, only a few days after Mother’s Day, Jaime will be welcoming her third child with much joy and excitement. Her love for her children is palpable, even through the strains of the Internet and the vast distance that separates us. Congratulations, Jaime, my dear friend! May your Mother’s Day celebrations tomorrow be the most special, ever.  You ARE Superwoman.


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