Who Are You Calling Pho Bich Nga?

Once upon a time, in a Vancouver-land far far away, lived a little Vietnamese restaurant on Kingsway near Victoria.

It was not a terribly special Vietnamese restaurant. It occupied space in an area crammed to the gills with other hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese restaurants, it specialized in pho and it possessed questionable hygiene practices. Location-wise, the neighbourhood was just this side of seedy, and parking was dire.

Yet, there was something about this wee pho shack that made it stand out from all the Pho Hoa/Pho Hoang/Pho Van/Pho Linh competitors in Little Saigon: it’s name.

Yes, this little place had a name that stood out from the rest, and provoked snorts of bemused wonderment from Anglo passers-by.


Yes, my pretty friends…

Read that as whitey would. Trot out your finest gwai-lo/gwai-lai pronunciation.

If you don’t get it right away, read it a few times.

Thing of beauty, that.


4 thoughts on “Who Are You Calling Pho Bich Nga?

  1. I tend to give it a tone of sexual dominance, like: “Pho, bitch! Ngaaaaaa!” The “Ngaaaaaa” being a sort of menacing open mouthed snarl.

  2. When I was in the 4th grade, my friend’s mother was either the owner or the manager of this place (the Pham family). I used to get get free pop if she was working there!

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