A Hair Story in Three Photos

Blogging about yourself is the height of navel-gazing vanity. Clearly I’m vain, but in a really screwed up sort of way. I’m horrendously insecure about how I look, but I’m not content to schlump about in sweats and a ripped up t-shirt. I’m also not ambitious enough to really do myself up, or learn how to actually style myself properly.

I’ve decided to grow my hair out again, but in order to do so without looking like a total ditch pig, I had to have the inversion cut out of my bob in order to even it out. I’ve been rocking the thick, short, blunt bangs for about 8 months, and have decided to continue on with that for the time being. The ultimate goal is to be able to do the Bettie Page thing with my hair, should I ever have enough patience to allow it to do so. Ultimately, this trip to the stylist has rendered:

a) ear length bob, completely even and very blunt

b) shorter, wider bangs, opening up more area around my face, and forming a square frame with the longer part.

While not terribly different than what I had previously cut, the layering in the back is now gone. I’m not sure how I feel about it. On one hand, it’s very flapper, which I can get behind. On the other hand, I’m scared it makes me look like a fat Roman Centurion.

When I woke up this morning, my hair looked like so:

That’s the look that brings all the boys to the yard, yo. Yes, I realize that the child looks nothing like me, but I assure you she shares 50% of my DNA.

When I left the house to be shorn, I looked like zis:

There were more than a few hockey players and rockers in the mid-70’s that also took this ‘do to heart.

And this? This is what I came home with:

Ah. Appropriately bitchtastic. Crack zee whip. Spill zee secrets, infidel.


6 thoughts on “A Hair Story in Three Photos

  1. Nice, all three. Call me paranoid, but I’m thinking you’re thinking “he came got here while googling ‘tits'”. It’s not true, but since you think all men are liars, I’ll tell you it’s absolutely true! What? You only think i’d be lying if I denied it? THAT’S NOT FAIR!

    Oh, awesome hair, all three… true story!

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