My Little Tiger Woods, Pretty Tiger Woods…

Shortly after breakfast this morning, my daughters were in the living room, playing with their vast My Little Pony Collection. My eldest daughter had a pink pony in one hand, and a purple one in the other. She was making the ponies trot across my leather couch, and occasionally fly through the air. There was some dialog between her ponies and the Baby, who had a blue pony and a unicorn.

This was one of those moments I wish my video camera wasn’t such a boat anchor, and was actually on hand. Oh, if you could only have seen this interaction…

Baby: Oh no! I get hurt! I falled off the cliff! Help! Help! (Knocks the blue pony off the glass coffee table and onto the rug.)

Big Kid: Don’t worry, Princess Lucy! TIGER WOODS IS COMING TO SAVE YOU! (Makes the pink pony fly off the arm of the couch, through the air, doing loop-de-loops.) Here comes TIGER WOODS, SUPER HERO OF EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE! (Whinnies.)

Baby: Pwincess Lucy falled off the cliff, TIGER WOODS! Help her! (She says with the unicorn, which she is levitating in the air.)

Big Kid: I need to call for back up, Princess Lucy! Just wait! TIGER WOODS WILL BE BACK! (Grabs the purple pony from behind the couch.)

Big Kid: Don’t you worry, Princess Lucy! OBAMA the SLAYER is here to rescue you! SLAY! SLAY! C’mon Tiger! Let’s slay!

They then decide to abandon their ponies, and wander off to color.


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