Boobquake 2010: Ayatollah Beware

April 26th is Boobquake Day.

Boobquake is a passive demonstration by women around the world, who are baring “scandalous” cleavage today, in satirical protest of statements made by an Iranian cleric.

“Many women who do not dress modestly … lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes,” said Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi, Tehran’s acting Friday prayer leader.

Call me skeptical, but I highly doubt my exposed and saggy milk bags are going to trigger then next Big One. In solidarity with my sisters around the world, I am joining in on the Boobquake 2010 front. Chilliwack, represent!

Take that, bearded holy man! Those are the instruments of CORRUPTION and SCANDAL right there.

Did you get in on Boobquake today? It’s not too late! Free the bewbs!


5 thoughts on “Boobquake 2010: Ayatollah Beware

  1. I’m a generous linker… and I think that anyone who dares to dazzle with her impressive chestage, she should get sisterly props. My friend the Grouchy Old Cripple has a HUGE readership, is a boobage fanatic, and linked me. A cripple-lanche is a thing of beauty. Glad there were some trickle-down benefits!

  2. Thanks all y’all. Who knew that what the world wanted was boobs? Apparently I should just stop writing and take pictures of my cleavage.

    @OmnibusDriver —> The cripple-lanche was quite the phenomenon. My blog stats are out of this world! Thanks for the linkage!

    @BZ –> Ah yes. Well. I’m a bit of a facial contortionist, and have a tendency to exaggerate facial expressions, which subsequently gets me in trouble. That face? Imagine that at the PTA meeting or home owners association meeting when someone is being daft. Yeah.

  3. You need to take the shirt off and let them breath,they look like they are being strangled!!!!Thx for the woody!Lol

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