Disturbing Local Trend: Truck Testicles

Everywhere I go, I find myself starting at oversized plastic testicles.

This is because our local population has enthusiastically embraced the disturbing trend of affixing rubber genitalia to the back of their vehicle’s trailer hitch like so:

This beaut belongs to one of my neighbours.

Aside from being horrified that there are so many people here in Chilliwack that have elected to embellish their transportation with jingleballs, I am amused that this particular person has selected bright blue ones.  Was this a purposeful decision, or do these truck testes tell the world something that the driver was subconsciously projecting?

A bit of Google Fu tells me that these things are called “Bumper Nuts”

This is one of those times that I’m dang tootin’ pleased that my husband would NEVER succumb to peer pressure.

I can only imagine how mortified I would be if we had a pair of flesh tone  nards swinging to and ‘fro on the back of our mini-van…


2 thoughts on “Disturbing Local Trend: Truck Testicles

  1. Wow. So these people are going so far with the overcompensation that they not only buy a huge truck that they probably don’t even need, but they go through the extra effort of making balls to stick on the back of it?

    Why don’t they just stick I sign in the window that says ” I have a small penis”… wouldn’t that be much easier?

    • Yeppers. These are also the same people the buy massive lift kits, extra chrome accessories, have the obligatory barbed-wire tattoo around the arm, and own matching pitt-bulls. It really does scream “teeny weenie” and “I have a Napoleon complex!”

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