Look What The Cat Dragged In….

In 1986, Poison released their debut album “Look What The Cat Dragged In.”

Using high tech 80’s photo editing and make up techniques, they came up with a natty little album cover that looked like this:

For those who didn’t come of age during the era of hair bands and glam rock, those are MEN.

I happen to miss this look, and think the world would be a happier place if all men took this much care and attention into their coifing and cosmetics.

But what happens when the graphics people and stylists who were hip to the 80’s gender blending rock scene find themselves displaced by new trends and performers?

Besides running the face painting booth at the local fall fair, these folks still have a vibrant niche market. Behold:

There is nothing more precious than dressing your toddler/preschooler up like a drag queen from the 80’s. When your child is wearing more make up than Bret Michaels, it’s time to go home.

*CitizenSourpuss acknowledges that she has ripped off other people’s photos without crediting them here. Ooops*


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