Sourpuss Human Contact Generator 1.0 for Social Media

The Internet is so impersonal.

Haven’t you ever just wanted to reach out? Just reach out and touch someone?

Well! Now you can, with the Sourpuss Human Contact Generator 1.0!


Put your finger up to my finger.


That’s it! Contact! Human contact!

You did it! *golf clap*

Now, pick the quote that you’d like to imagine me saying as you touch my finger:

  • “ET phone home! ET phone home!” – ET
  • “Touch me! Touch me! I want to feel your body! Your heart beats next to mine!” – Samantha Fox
  • “Touch me! It’s so easy to leave me! All alone with the memory! Of my days in the sun…” – Barbara Streisand
  • “Put your tiny hand in mine…and I will be your preacher teacher!” – George Michael
  • “Only you can prevent forest fires!” – Smokey the Bear
  • “Reach out! Reach out and touch someone!” – AT&T Commercial from the 80’s
  • “You’re fired.” – Trump
  • “___________________” – Fill in the blank. Let your imagination soar.

Never say I don’t do anything for you, friend.


4 thoughts on “Sourpuss Human Contact Generator 1.0 for Social Media

  1. You know what would be very cool is if you mapped the image so that if you drag your mouse to your finger, the image rollover changes to you doing a different expression.

    Or maybe that’s just some random thing that makes me laugh thinking about it.

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