Twitter and Propitiation (A.K.A. “The Good Friday That Wasn’t So Much”)

This morning I was prepared to write about Good Friday.

I was going to wax nostalgic about the annual Stations of The Cross assembly that we had annually on Good Friday at school.

I was thinking about how we used to sing “Were you there, when they laid him in the tomb…” as a Catholic school student, and feeling of empathy I had for Christ when I reflected on his propitiation.

I was planning on going indepth into how it felt to experience chills and total awe on Good Fridays as a child, because I truly had a sense of gratitude for Christ’s sacrifice.

I continue to choke back tears of relief and thankfulness, even today, when I reflect on the magnitude of what we are marking.

Completely undeserved favour.

Freedom from bondage.

Deliverance from the wages of sin, eternally.

There is nothing more precious than this knowledge. Nothing.

I realize that a lot of my readers will raise their eyebrows and tsk tsk me for this, especially since a number of my Atheist friends are proudly wearing their scarlet A’s this week,  but I have always maintained that my personal beliefs and faith are strong. We, as freethinking adults need to come to our own conclusion of what we believe in, regardless of whether I agree with you or not. I won’t force my “religion” (I hate that word) on you, friend, but this is MY personal blog, and this is where I get to say what I want.


Why the past tense about what I was planning on discussing? Well. My day took a highly unpleasant turn early on, and it was all downhill from there.

I “retweeted” an anti-HST (a tax being inflicted on BC soon) sentiment from someone on Twitter (“retweet” means to essentially share someone else’s thoughts with people who read your posts, acknowledging that they are NOT YOUR OWN) and within minutes, I was being called out by someone I wouldn’t know from Adam. It boiled down to her accusing me of:

  • a)threatening the life and safety of a public figure (I didn’t)
  • b)that I was the originator of the post (I wasn’t)
  • c)that I had deleted my “threat” to this political figure because I was a coward (again, I didn’t, but the originator removed the post) and
  • d) she proceeded to tag my post repeatedly with the #RCMP hashtag, and declared that I was calling for the public to harm/assassinate this politician.

I was gobsmacked and pissed off beyond all belief, because the post was:

  • a) not a threat – I mean, if your head was so completely up your own ass that you couldn’t see daylight, I could see how it could be construed as such, but really. Come on.
  • b) written tongue in cheek by someone who is known to stir the anti-HST pot (which wasn’t me)
  • c) complete libel against me at this point
  • d) clearly directed at me inappropriately.

So I called this woman on it.

  • I advised her that I was not the originator of the post.
  • That I had RT’d another poster’s thoughts.
  • That she was twisting words and misconstruing a posting.
  • That I was feeling threatened & that her use of my name in this context was threatening to me & my family because her intent was malicious
  • That I was not a chickenshit, and didn’t delete the post that I never wrote
  • That she needed to back off.

As a response? She gets PERSONAL. She intimates that I’m a shitty parent. She states that the posting I had shared by the other author proved I was “even crazier than usual, and that’s saying something.”


Are you kidding me? Really? You’re going to take potshots at my personal life and my sense of humor/writing/gripes now? LOW BLOW.

Totally uncalled for, since I’d never gotten personal with her, didn’t call her names, didn’t insult her.

Feeling like I’d been stabbed in the gut, I started to cry.

I shook. I couldn’t think, because I was so enraged. This woman wasn’t even on my radar. We didn’t have some longstanding truck with each other. Whisky tango foxtrot?

I realize that there is no Parent of the Year award waiting for me, but I’m not a horrible parent either. My children are loved, fed, socialized, provided for, educated, sported, arted, adored.  Wannabe Anne Coulter of the North pushed my buttons something fierce. I had to walk away from the computer, cry and think about the situation.

I ended up going back, and informed the originator of the post about the development. He and another fellow (I’ve met them at WordCamp previously) stuck up for me, clarified the situation. She was asked  to retract & apologize to me. The originator of the post owned it, and took responsibility for it. Everyone is happy right? WRONG.

Her response? That they were covering up and “hiding” MY spreading of hate, preventing her from free speech, and also advocating for the killing of said political leader. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t originating from me, or that a number of other people were circulating the post, I got thrown under the bus. (Then she 180’s on me and says that she doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to free speech or have to agree with her, and that she’s only singling me out and judging me for my poor judgement for sharing the “vile” tweet. Alrighty.)

I subsequently blocked her access to my account.

While tempted to go on and call her many, many things, I’ve bitten my tongue.  I’m going to turn the other cheek. She is, apparently, a television personality. I had NOT an inkling.

Writing about the gong-show will, hopefully make me feel less on edge.

If this isn’t me exercising grace, I don’t know what is.

Things I have learned today:

  1. Anyone can misconstrue anything you write on the internet.
  2. Anyone can twist your words to suit their own agenda.
  3. Having a political opinion and a vagina makes you a shitty parent.
  4. Not everyone who is involved with public media/news/political advisory is reasonable.
  5. Nor do they understand the concept of Defamatory Libel.
  6. Retweeting a post makes you an accomplice in an act that never happened. How I’ve evaded Twitter drama until today (after 2 years) is a miracle.
  7. My “humor” blogging and improv are apparently not funny to Liberals (who in this case, politically, are not liberal, but very conservative. BC is odd like that.)
  8. There are still some people made of win and awesome out there too. You know who you are.
  9. Pointing out that in other countries, corrupt politicians are often eradicated when their corruption is made public is akin to condoning murder.
  10. Calling for “an end” to a political power’s term in office MUST mean you want them killed/harmed. Clearly “an end” or “the end” always means death. (Gosh, I’ll miss Friday, since it’s about to end in 10 minutes. Die you bastard day, die!) After today, I think I actually have a inkling of what McCarthyism in the US in the 50’s was like.
  11. I hate that extremists on both ends of the political spectrum are frothing at the mouth to shout that their rights and freedom of speech is being trampled by people who disagree with their opinions. Fuck you. I disagree with you. You can say whatever you please, but I don’t have to nod along, nor do I have to give you an audience/forum. That’s not silencing you, that’s walking away from your three-ring circus.

For the record:

1 – I do NOT condone, wish for, or desire the death or physical harm to come to Gordon Campbell, Premier of British Columbia, nor did I ever call for same. I disagree with his politics, and strongly oppose the HST, but I do not want anything horrible to happen to him or his family. In fact, I’ve often admitted that the man is a right Silver Fox, and looks hot in his new glasses. I just don’t like his politics.

2 – I write humor. I like politics. I like the humor that is a by-product of politics. I don’t like people who take themselves too seriously, and jump to conclusions.

3 – I am not a political scientist/analyst/pundit/expert. I’m a hobbyist and enthusiast. I like the sport. I don’t claim to be a guru.

4 –  I have in fact been defamed, and it’s not “silencing” someone by pointing it out. The Canadian Criminal code says of defamatory libel in Article 298: “is matter published, without lawful justification or excuse, that is likely to injure the reputation of any person by exposing him to hatred, contempt or ridicule, or that is designed to insult the person of or concerning whom it is published.

5 – Wow. Guess what, Liberals? Despite my opposition to the HST, I’m not NDP. I am amused and horrified that despite my chronic display of love for the Conservative Party of Canada, waving my membership therein, and professing my undying love for Steven Harper, I still get lumped in with the lefties. Really? Gosh. The right is divided on this one, folks. Not everyone who is a conservative thinker is supportive of HST, yo.

With that, it’s time for me to go to bed, and hopefully put this gong show to bed. I suspect that it has only just begun, and that the storm is actually on the way in, not the way out. Verbose? Yes I am.


2 thoughts on “Twitter and Propitiation (A.K.A. “The Good Friday That Wasn’t So Much”)

  1. Hello,

    That someone would attack your parenting is shocking to me! Having met you in person once and having followed you on twitter for months it is abundantly obvious to me that you’re a wonderful, caring mother. Your children are sweet, loved and well cared for.

    Keep your chin up!


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