Evil Pinko Commie Granny Killin’ Healthcare Reform

Today is the day that Canada’s Panties will get their collective poop in a group, and make a monumental decision about the future of health care reform in their country. Today is the day that tests whether Obama and Co.’s sales pitch for sweeping health reform gets bought up by other politicos of all stripes (or rather two stripes, since two party politics doesn’t lend itself to whimsy) or sinks like the Titanic. I can only imagine the frenzy that Bubba and Cletus are whipping themselves into right now, as they round up their guns,coonhounds and burning crosses in anticipation of what may be a successful thrust by the Democrats to bring some semblance of health equity into focus.

As a person from a wealthy democratic nation that manages to balance universal healthcare (flawed as it may be) and *gasp* personal liberty, I cannot fathom the deeply ingrained collective thought that perceives government influenced healthcare as being a massive loss of personal freedom and interference. Being able to take your sick child to the hospital without worrying about coverage, having a baby in NICU without getting a bill for $500K when you’re done, or  not having to sell all your worldly goods to finance your hip replacement is freedom. Being told that you can’t see a doctor at THIS hospital because your PRIVATE insurance company says it’s the wrong one? Having a massive percentage of your population being unable to obtain basic care because they don’t have access? Being the only developed nation in the industrialized world that fails to offer ALL of it’s citizens comprehensive health care? That is NOT freedom. That is bondage, oppression and a major societal curse.

You can wave Old Glory into the sunset and tattoo stars and stripes across your face, Tea Partiers, but nationalism and patriotic pride does not give your most precious resources – your people – a guarantee that they are going to have their basic human needs met. Coughing up the old rhetoric about commies and threats to liberty are the dregs of the post-War McCarthy era, and are not relevant in today’s age of information. The acrimonious wingnuts who fail to see health care not as a fundamental right – but a privilege –  are a frightening reminder that many of our brothers and sisters to the south are deeply mired in an increasingly divisive philosophical and social cesspool.

Tonight the adult members of my household are holding our breath, waiting to hear whether or not our friends, coworkers and family in the south will be moving in a new direction.

Like it or not, Yankee Doodle Dandies, there is an entire nation sitting on top of you, and we’re wishing/praying/hoping that your government has opted to give you the precious gift of health equality in some form…even if they are ramming it down your unwilling throats.


2 thoughts on “Evil Pinko Commie Granny Killin’ Healthcare Reform

  1. Not a single goddamn Rethuglican voted for health care reform. I find that repugnant.

    “This debate is not about the uninsured. It is about socialized medicine,” said California Republican Devin Nunes. “Today Democrats in this House will finally lay the cornerstone of their socialist utopia on the backs of the American people.”

    First of all, what sort of paranoid hyperbole is that? Secondly, don’t knock socialized democracies until you’ve tried one, Panties. We’re getting by just fine up here, with far fewer of our personal freedoms overrun while we’re about it.

    • It’s frightening, isn’t it? To think that we are so close in geography, yet so entirely dissimilar in culture and beliefs is utterly mind-boggling. I was listening to the news at 5:30 on Global, and they had a clip of some manner of GOP representative bellowing “In less than 24 hours, armageddon will be upon us, and Obama has brought this on.” Really? Armageddon = not allowing private insurers to turf people because of pre-existing conditions? Armageddon = coverage for young adults on their parent’s insurance until they are 26 if they live at home? Armageddon = requiring all Americans to have some form of insurance, and if you’re too poor to be covered by a private insurer, the government will step up for you? THIS IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO WHAT WE HAVE HERE and yet it’s so monumental there.

      One link to a summary of what the bill entails, in simple English here.

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